9:25 Welcome Biffen Lecture Theatre
9:30 Invited: Mark Blaxter

Wellcome Sanger Institute

Sequence everything: first fruits from the Tree of Life
10:10 Christopher Laumer


Revealing the genome biology of Earth’s smallest animals
10:25 Erika de Castro

University of Cambridge

Unveiling the roles of cyanogenesis in the Heliconius evolution
10:40 Marie Louis

University of St Andrews

Parallel evolution in bottlenose dolphins
10:55 Tea, Coffee Genetics Part II & Tea Rooms
11:25 Levi Yant

University of Nottingham

Hotspots of adaptation to whole genome duplication (WGD) in ten independent WGDs
11:40 Jaime Iranzo

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Gain and loss of accessory genes accelerates core gene sequence divergence and facilitates speciation in prokaryotes
11:55 Daniel Fabian


Evolution of transposable element load and expression as a response to selection for longevity in Drosophila
12:10 Melanie Kirch

Friedrich Miescher Laboratory

Standing genetic variation in ancient ~13-000 year old marine stickleback genomes
12:25 Nathanael Walker-Hale

University of Cambridge

Evolution of L-DOPA-4-5-dioxygenase reveals multiple origins of betalain pigmentation in Caryophyalles
12:40 Lunch & Photo Emmanuel College Old Library
14:00 Invited: Claudia Bank

Gulbenkian Institute

What can we learn from experimental fitness landscapes?
14:40 Eleanor Miller

University of Cambridge

Bayesian Skyline Plots do not agree with range size changes based on Species Distribution Models for Holarctic birds
14:55 Astrid Böhne

Center of Molecular Biodiversity Research

Dynamics of sex chromosome evolution in a rapid radiation of cichlid fishes
15:10 Daniel Gebert

University of Cambridge

Evolution of piRNA clusters in the Drosophila genus
15:25 Tea, Coffee Genetics Part II & Tea Rooms
15:55 Roberta Bergero

University of Edinburgh

Peeking into the sex chromosomes of guppy close relatives: turnover of a highly degenerated Y chromosome?
16:10 Roman Kellenberger

University of Cambridge

The molecular basis of sexual deception in the South African daisy Gorteria diffusa
16:25 Patricia Santos

University of Bordeaux, CNRS

Past human migrations account for the origins of the major Eurasian linguistic families
16:40 Invited: Mattias Jacobsson

Uppsala universitet

Inferring the evolution of early humans from complete genome sequences
17:30 Drinks Reception Genetics Tea Room
19:00 Dinner The Anchor pub