9:25 Welcome Biffen Lecture Theatre
9:30 Invited: Prof. Anne Stone

Arizona State University

The evolutionary history of M. tuberculosis: insights from ancient DNA
10:10 Ruoyun Hui

University of Cambridge

The structure of archaic admixture revealed by modern human genomes
10:25 Josie Bryant

University of Cambridge

Convergent evolution of a cystic fibrosis pathogen within and between patients
10:40 Emília Santos

University of Cambridge

Variation of colour patterning within and between species of cichlid fishes
10:55 Tea, Coffee Genetics Part II & Tea Rooms
11:25 Alexandros Bousios

University of Sussex

The epigenetic and evolutionary impact of gene capture by TEs on donor genes in maize
11:40 Roman Kellenberger

University of Cambridge

Emergence of a floral colour polymorphism by pollinator-mediated overdominance
11:55 Kelsey Byers

University of Cambridge

Wing pheromones in Heliconius butterflies: physiology, behavior, and genetics
12:10 Venera Tyukmaeva

University of Jyväskylä

A wide pleiotropic effect of melanin pathway genes on behavior and life-history traits in Drosophila montana
12:25 Lunch & Photo Emmanuel College Old Library
14:00 Invited: Prof. Charles Swanton, FRCP, FMedSci, FRS

The Francis Crick Institute

Cancer Evolution and Immune Escape: TRACERx
14:40 Heather Machado

Wellcome  Sanger Institute

Single-cell profiling of lymphocyte somatic mutations reveals divergence from stem cells, variation in mutation burden, and strong microenvironmental effects
14:55 Gabriela Montejo-Kovacevich

University of Cambridge

Altitude shapes local adaptation in Heliconius butterflies
15:10 Alejandra Bruna

Cancer Research UK Cambridge

Develop and validating a predictive platform of evolutionary trajectories and drug responses
15:25 Tea, Coffee Genetics Part II & Tea Rooms
15:55 Jamie Blundell

University of Cambridge

Defining the evolutionary dynamics of clonal haematopoiesis
16:10 Luiza Moore

Wellcome  Sanger Institute

The genomic and evolutionary landscape of normal human endometrial epithelium
16:25 Marijke Autenrieth

Potsdam Univeristy

Improved population resolution in Baltic harbour porpoise (Phocoena phocoena) based on a new high quality genome assembly
16:40 Invited: Prof. Beverley Glover

University of Cambridge

Flower evo-devo and the link to speciation
17:30 Drinks Reception Genetics Tea Room
19:00 Dinner Riverside Restaurant, University Centre