Registration & Abstract Submission

Abstract submission

Talks will be for 15 minutes (12 + 3 for questions).

If you would be interested in presenting a talk please send a title, abstract (2000 characters) and your affiliation to:

Deadline for submission 15/01/2020


Registration (2020)

The meeting costs only £5 to attend and you can register here. Registration closes on 10 March 2020.

This meeting is sponsored by the Genetics Society. Please see the link below if you would like to join the Genetics Society.

Registration is free if you are an EGGS helper, organizer or invited speaker.


Lunch and Dinner

Please note registration does not include lunch. Lunch will be at the Old Library, Emmanuel College and will cost £10. If you are an EGGS helper, organizer or invited speaker, lunch will be provided, there is no need to indicate this on the registration form.

Also, we are hosting a dinner at the Riverside Restaurant at the University Center after the meeting. The cost for dinner is £20. Both lunch and dinner can be added on at the time of registration. Please let us know of any dietary requirements if ordering either.

If you encounter any problems during registration or are unable to register please email us.